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Who's On the Ice When the Wings Choke?

 11/30/2015 - 09:13

The Detroit Red Wings have made a nasty habit of choking in the third period. 

Each of the last four games has gone to overtime because Detroit coughed up the lead in the third periopd.

  • vs St. Louis. 2:10 remaining. Abdelkader. Zetterberg. Ericsson. Dekeyser. Larkin.
  • vs Boston. 1:44 remaining. Abdelkader. Sheahan. Green. Glendening. Ericsson.
  • vs Edmonton. 11:15 remaining. Smith. Miller. Glendening. Ericsson. Kronwall. Larkin.
  • vs Florida. 5:22 remaining. Miller. Green. Jurco. Glendening. Kronwall.

Similar instances have taken place this year.

  • vs. Ottawa, Nov. 16. 2:48 remaining . Sheahan. Green. Glendening. Helm. Kronwall.
  • vs Toronto Nov. 6. 1:02 remaining. Abdelkader. Zetterberg. Glendening. Marchenko. Dekeyser.
  • vs Calgary Oct. 3. 1:12 remaining. Abdelkader. Miller. Quincey. Zetterberg. Kronwall.

There are seven instances: Glendening (5), Kronwall (4), Abdelkader (4), Miller (3), Zetterberg (3), Ericsson (3),  Green (3), Dekeyser (2), Larkin (2),  Sheahan (2), Smith (1), Marchenko (1), Jurco (1), Quincey 1, Helm (1).

Seven of the Red Wings' nine overtime games this season came a result of the Red Wings giving up the tieing goal in the final 11:15 of the game.  Six came as the result of goals in the final 15:22.

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