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JJ and Kyl: The Thin Skinned Wingnuts at Winging It In Motown

 09/21/2016 - 10:45

Well, so much for Winging It In Motown.

I've been banned there, just like I was at Malik's blog.

Rule #1 of Internet publishing is "Be Prepared for Blowback." Evidently, they don't like opinions that go against the grain at WIIM.

In his blog, JJ from Kansas wrote some long schpeel about the US losing to Canada. The loss shouldn't have been a surprise. Canada has the better players and the better coach. Some USA hockey fans think that Phil Kessell might have made a difference, but that seems unlikely.

Anyway, JJ wrote that:

I very much like the USA and want to be able to shove Team USA success into the face of other countries’ fans for years to come.

Whether or not he meant it, JJ sounded like what Donald Trump might sound like if he were a hockey fan. So I replied:

Not ’murica enough.

And for that, JJ and/or Kyle banned me from WIIM.




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