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The Shut Down Guys Can't Shut It Down

 12/15/2015 - 12:11

On the heels of Monday's loss to Buffalo, it's time for a follow-up on the earlier article about who’s on the ice when the Detroit Red Wings falter in the third period.

  • Vs Buffalo, 4:15 remaining. Datsyuk. Richards. Helm. Ericsson. Dekeyser.
  • Vs Buffalo 3:13 remaining. Nyquist. Sheahan. Tatar. Green. Kronwall
  • Vs New Jersey, 17:20 remaining. Andersson. Glendening. Green. Jurco. Kronwall.
  • Vs New Jersey, 5:20 remaining. (PP). Sheahan. Andersson. Ericsson. Dekeyser.
  • Vs Washington, 9:49 remaining (PP). Glendening. Helm. Ericsson. Dekeyser
  • Vs Buffalo, 19:07 remaining (PP). Sheahan. Helm. Ericsson. Dekeyser.
  • Vs Buffalo, 16:38 remaining. Miller. Glendening. Helm. Ericsson. Dekeyser.
  • vs St. Louis. 2:10 remaining. Abdelkader. Zetterberg. Ericsson. Dekeyser. Larkin.
  • vs Boston. 1:44 remaining. Abdelkader. Sheahan. Green. Glendening. Ericsson.
  • vs Edmonton. 11:15 remaining. Smith. Miller. Glendening. Ericsson. Kronwall. Larkin.
  • vs Florida. 5:22 remaining. Miller. Green. Jurco. Glendening. Kronwall.
  • vs. Ottawa, Nov. 16. 2:48 remaining . Sheahan. Green. Glendening. Helm. Kronwall.
  • vs Toronto Nov. 6. 1:02 remaining. Abdelkader. Zetterberg. Glendening. Marchenko. Dekeyser.
  • vs Calgary Oct. 3. 1:12 remaining. Abdelkader. Miller. Quincey. Zetterberg. Kronwall.

There are seven instances: Glendening (8), Ericsson (8), Dekeyser (7), Kronwall (6), Green (5), Sheahan (4), Abdelkader (5), Miller (4),  Helm (5), Zetterberg (3), Larkin (2), Andersson (2), Jurco (2), Nyquist (1), Tatar (1), Richards (1), Datsyuk (1), Smith (1), Marchenko (1), Quincey (1.


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